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John Lloyd and Bea

About John Lloyd & Bea

Written by: Eunice, June 2006

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo first came to Filipino viewers’ consciousness as star-crossed lovers, Yuri Orbida and Katrina Argos, in the soap opera, “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay”. The pairing was a risk that took root in the minds of ABS-CBN creative bigwigs, particulary director Olivia Lamasan. After seeing Bea Alonzo standing beside the picture of John Lloyd Cruz pasted on the wall, they decided that Bea will continue to play the role of grown-up Katrina Argos, a 21-year-old law student. This is a far cry from the 15-year-old that she was in real life. She pulled of the role beautifully that people were surprised to know she was only 15.

John Lloyd Cruz, at that time, also starred in a teenage drama, “Tabing Ilog” opposite Kaye Abad. His role in that afternoon soap already earned him a Best Actor trophy, the first of many that he continues to receive. He was also in a relationship with someone in real life. Despite this, television viewers started to take notice of the sizzling chemistry of this new pair. The production people behind the soap opera were obliged to extend the series for a few more months to answer the clamor for more John Lloyd and Bea scenes. When the soap ended, there was no doubt that two new stars were born — John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

ABS CBN immediately tested the chemistry on the big screen. They starred them with another pair in a twin bill presentation called “My First Romance”. It was a blockbuster hit. This was followed by their own teleserye entitled, “It Might Be You,” which needless to say, did well at the ratings. With a fanbase firmly established, Star Cinema decided to give them a movie all their own. Directed by Laurenti Dyogi, their director in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay and the screenplay written by one of the more respected filmmakers, Jose Javier Reyes, “Now That I Have You” ran for several weeks in the theaters earning millions for Star Cinema.

A hit movie and an on going teleserye should have been enough for the fans. But as fate would have it, John Lloyd and Bea began to forge a friendship. When before they practically ignored each other off-camera, they now began to enjoy each other’s company. This maybe largely due to the fact that John Lloyd was now free of any real-life commitment. The fans began to hope that what was reel may just become real.

Bea’s new movie which paired her with (the most delicious piece of human flesh in the whole universe) Piolo Pascual brought the fans back to earth. Fears of the love team breaking up circulated but was quickly dashed when John Lloyd made a cameo appearance at the end of “Dreamboy”. The fans reacted to it as if it was an oasis in the desert. Clearly, they want John Lloyd and Bea and none other.

After a long absence on television, John Lloyd and Bea were seen again as part of the teleserye, “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin.” Their new characters as Oliver and Jasmin were well-received by viewers. They were seen acting more spontaneously with the chemistry that first endeared them to viewers’ hearts still clearly evident. “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin” might be best remembered by John Lloyd and Bea lovers as having the most poignant airport scene in history. Who can ever forget that hug?

As “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin” was ongoing, John Lloyd made “Dubai” with Aga Muhlach and Claudine Baretto. This film marked John Lloyd Cruz as an actor that can hold his own against such heavyweights. His role in this film earned him Best Actor trophies, a well-deserved acknowledgement of his talent. After two years of waiting, word was out that John Lloyd and Bea will again star in a movie. They were joined this time by new heartthrob Sam Milby. A story of how good friends are meant to be lovers, “Close to You” was a film that fans hoped parallels what was happening in real life. Prior to the showing of the movie, John Lloyd stood by Bea when malicious rumors about her circulated and Bea showed her appreciation to him by acknowledging the importance of his friendship. “Close to You” became a very big hit.

Three months later, it was followed by “All About Love”, a trilogy of love stories participated in by two other pairs. In the movie, they were recognized as the country’s premiere love team. Rightfully so. As of this writing, “All About Love” is still showing at the theaters entering its third week. Bea’s new film with Jericho Rosales, “Pacquiao, the Movie” will open soon. John Lloyd and Bea fans need not fret however because the two have started working on their new teleserye, “Maging Sino Ka Man.”

These two have given fans so many unforgettable moments both on and off camera. Their names will forever be linked because in truth and in fact, they have made each other. There would have been no John Lloyd Cruz if there was no Bea Alonzo and no Bea Alonzo if there was no John Lloyd Cruz. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo is one. They have kept the fans wondering about the real status of their relationship. They have declared their love for each other but as what? Are they just friends? Best friends? More than friends? This may be unclear but one thing is certain — when John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo are on screen, there is magic.




  1. These two makes a perfect pair,no matter what they do, they seems to create magic on screen.I’ve been struck and been loving these loveteam since ktkh. Like everyone’s wish, i want them to be together forever.

  2. No one can beat this loveteam in their generation. They are the best , I was totally addicted to these two after watching them in MSKM. Can’t wait to watch them on the big screen… Thanks sa site ..ganda rin!

  3. a match made in heaven

  4. They are really “The Perfect Pair,” I never get tired of watching these two. I was so hooked-up after watching MSKM ang they are incredibly good. Thanks for this site, its really awesome and the updates are so cool. Keep it up guys!!!!

  5. hi.. i just wanna ask if you guys can provide me with a copy of the poem that maja turned into a song..ung prang “i wanna take away ur pain..of only i could etc etc..” it was just too good to forget.. pls.. ive been looking for it for days now.. i was one of the people who got into the long line on DAY1 of the movie and i cant stop thinking bout it till now.. grbe.. such a great flick.. pls pahingi copy ng poem? thanks in advance…

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