Who We Are: 

The Lloydy and Bea Lovers (LaBers) is a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and different inclinations held together by one thing in common: love for John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, individually and as a loveteam. They have existed since Lloydy and Bea first appeared as Yuri and Katrina in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay and have been steadfast in their support for the two stars through their different movies and teleseryes. Through the years, the group has grown in number and has reached all parts of the globe. Now, they not only share love for LaB but love for each other as well. More than a fans’ club, the Lloydy and Bea Lovers is a friendship club! Enjoy your stay here and may you join the LaBers in celebrating “One More Chance” on November 14.


 LaBers Members



  1. ano ba talaga ang dalawang ito? lovers ba o teasers lang. parang nakakaloko na……

  2. i think they felt something towards each other kaya lang they are afraid na if ever magkaron sila ng conflict ,apektado sila lalo na ang trabaho nila plus masisira pa ang friendship nila

  3. tanggap ko na di talaga gusto ni jlc si bea, ang hilig nya morena.. eh si bea sobrang puti na sobrang ganda pa, alam kasi nila pareho na pag nagkaroon sila ng relasyon masisira lang ang love team nila.. kaya they remain friends.

  4. iba talaga ang chemistry nila bei and lloydy. i’ve watch all of their movies and teleserye- ibang klase – there is magic, it looks real, at talagang may kilig factor comparing to other loveteam (no offense). it looks like they are more than friends. its pretty obvious when they are together (speaking of …on-screen … what more off screen)

  5. looking at it on- screen… iba talaga ang chemistry nitong dalawa from the very start of their loveteam. lalong lumalim. what more off-screen … bakit hindi pa sila, if there is the chemistry, the magic and the freindship between them, bakit hindi pa maging sila. if they are waiting for DESTINY, masasabi ko lang, mukhang anjan na mismo sa harap nila, kaso ayaw pa aminin. the opportunity is there, sana wag na nila pakawalan.

  6. friendship is a good foundation of a relationship … to bei and lloydy, dont be afraid to show your true feelings for each other … mahirap ata un to have regrets kase nasayo na pinakawalan mo pa .. un nasayo na kaso hindi mo pa nasabi na mahal mo sya as more than a friend …

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