One More Chance poster

One More Chance

Will you change that love or love the change?

Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) have been together forever.

Their love story started when they met as students in the university. Popoy was taking up Engineering while Basha was a freshman in Architecture. They have been inseparable ever since – they did everything together may it be eating, studying or attending parties. Their families loved them, they shared friends, they eventually worked in the same firm and their life plans revolved around each other. There is no Popoy without a Basha and vice versa. In short, they were certain that they will get married someday and build a home together –literally and figuratively. Architect Basha will design and plan their dream house while Engineer Popoy will be the one to build it. Everything is perfect.

At least that is what Popoy thinks.

But all the planning and dreaming eventually took a toll on Basha. Tired of trying to carve her own mark in the firm where they are both working, she suddenly tells him that she wants to resign and move to a smaller firm where she can be given a bigger chance to design on her own. Popoy is alarmed by Basha’s sudden decision. He tries to demand for an explanation but what would have been a routine lunch for both of them became their first ever major fight in five years.

Shaken and angered by each other’s reactions, Popoy and Basha run into each other that night in a hotel both with different partners. After a flurry of emotions, they sit down and talk about the incident. They learn that nothing happened inside the hotel rooms but what Basha confesses would hurt Popoy more than seeing her with another person. Basha tells him the problem that has brewing inside her for the past year, the real reason why she wants to leave their company – she is tired of Popoy and their relationship. She feels that Popoy is all over her and that she hasn’t been given the opportunity to decide and plan for herself because Popoy already did everything. Popoy is speechless. Inside, he is devastated. That same night, Basha asks for a break up. She tells him she needs the space to grow. On her own.

Not knowing how to pick himself up after the love of his life leaves him, Popoy struggles to live his new life alone. Meanwhile, Basha resigns and transfers to a smaller firm where she begins to feel the freedom she’s been longing for. Popoy and Basha try to live without each other but the ties that bind them make it harder for both to move on. Their families and friends became constant reminders of the promises and dreams they had on happier days.

Slowly, Popoy learns to pick up the pieces and discovers a life that he can call his own. But Basha’s journey proved to be more difficult especially when she sees Popoy starting to see other girls. A part of her wants to get him back but a part also knows that she was the one who asked for this.

Opportunity knocks when Popoy’s aunt commissions them to build her house together. After feeling awkward around each other, Popoy and Basha eventually warm up. After all, five years of being together is hard to erase. Slowly and unconsciously, they fall into their old routines and find themselves enjoying each other’s company once again. Both realize how much they’ve missed each other yet both also recognize how much they’ve changed.

One night, vulnerable and undeniably longing for each other, they kiss and make love for the first time after the break up. Afraid of how that one night can affect their fragile friendship, Popoy and Basha try to avoid the issue and struggle to live their new-found lives. Until Basha cannot take the uncertainty of the situation they are in anymore and confronts Popoy. She asks him what that night means and where they will go from here. Overwhelmed, Popoy’s fear gets the best of him and he tells Basha that they cannot go back to how they were before. This time, it’s Basha’s heart that gets broken.

After Basha gives the final floor plan to Popoy, she stays away from him while Popoy retreats to his apartment. Crying, Popoy sees the things Basha left in his life all around his place. Finally, he sees the plan Basha finished which reminds him how much they loved each other and how beautiful it was to dream together. But Popoy knows too well that giving in would mean going back to how they were before. And he’s way too scared to get in the way of Basha’s growth once again, especially now that he has seen that she can do it alone.

Popoy and Basha struggle whether to hold on or move on.

Source: http://johnlloydbea2007.multiply.com/

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  1. thank you poh sa lahat..!!
    LaBsyu poh..!!
    ang galing tlga..!!


  3. bea & loydie, i kiss you guys, keep up the good work & sana malayo pa marating ng carrer nyo…!!! God bless both of you!!!

  4. hehehe mali “i miss you guys po yun not “kiss” tao lang!!!

  5. when it’ll be shown here UAE???

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